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Welcome to Shawn's little corner of the web. Shawn started designing web sites in 1993, but got out of that when things got too damn complicated.

In addition to web sites, Shawn has been been a tool developer in groups ranging from diagnostics to databases, developing short-term and long-term tools in various languages for years. Networking, conversion, system and database administration, and automation are just a few of the areas in which he has written tools. See his résumé for the gritty details.   Shawn is currently a Scrum Master and Agile Coach.

He's been married for about 13 years now.
It was a 50s 'Grease' theme, but the Justice of the Peace didn't have the right 'threads' for the gig, so we let him be himself. Looks like Santa, plays Santa around Xmas time.

We had a wedding reception, also a 50s theme. the Minute-and-a-Half Wedding, and the Wedding Night videos (considered funny by some) are on YouTube.

Didn't you used to be 'Duke'?

For 6 years in the Boston area, Shawn was a stand-up comic by the name of Duke Dodds.  Besides being a good way to avoid creditors, alliteration was 'in vogue' at the time, so the name stuck.  The act of standing in front of a group and risking humiliation also improved his 'presentation skills', provided you don't mind a laugh now and then.

Alas, he never got his 'big break', and decided to once again fully dedicate his creativity to the business world.

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